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When Pressure Cleaning needs to be done at your Southwest Florida Commercial or Residential property, call Devoted Paver Clean and Seal. Devoted Paver Clean and Seal is a family-owned business serving all of Southwest Florida. With state-of-the-art equipment and chemicals, we are able to take care of any Pressure Cleaning job, no matter the size.


The key to successfully and safely pressure wash any surface is knowing the proper method to clean the specific surface at hand.  We have the tools and experience to clean any surface.

Not only is it important to clean your pavers, but slso to protect and seal them to keep them looking great. We use different types of sealant depending on the material, color and desired finishing look.

To protect your roofing material, we let you know the best technique that is needed to clean your roof. We combine pressure washing and a soft wash application to ensure that your roof is as clean as possible.

While we are performing the cleaning of your home and property, we want to give you the clearest view out of your windows.  Cleaning will allow the sunlight to brighten up your day.

"When we purchased our home a few months ago our family liked the look of our home. Then after you finished the cleaning service, we now LOVE the look of our home.  Thank you Nathan for taking the time to explain what you were going to do and doing it when you said you would."

Sandy S.  Naples, FL

"Devoted Paver Clean, brought life back into the look of our home. My neighbors must have seen the difference because I see your guys working on other homes in our HOA almost every day"

Thomas F.  Bonita Springs, FL
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